Accountants Cloud-Hosted Paperless Office

An accounting firm in Canada was recently looking to make their application hosting services more diverse by moving their document management software to the cloud. Luckily, they were a client of InsynQ, a hosting provider with the capability to test and deploy new applications in the cloud for people working on a private cloud platform. A private cloud is a client’s own dedicated platform that can be customized with the addition of software that is not on InsynQ’s list of standard cloud offerings.

The software that the accounting firm was looking to use was eXadox, an application that helps businesses manage, store and share documents. After a brief collaboration between InsynQ Engineers and eXadox technical staff, the software was able to be deployed in the cloud on an InsynQ Virtual Desktop.

Check out the full article to learn more about how InsynQ and eXadox were able to help create a cloud-based platform to meet the specific needs of an accounting firm in Canada that wanted to move more of their business to a paperless platform in the cloud.

To learn more about application hosting options on an InsynQ Virtual Desktop, visit


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