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If you were wondering what the process is for transferring your QuickBooks software to the cloud, rest assured that it is a simple and safe process. Since the majority of the work is done by the hosting provider, moving your QuickBooks apps and data files to a cloud based platform can be as easy as placing an order.

Intuit defines hosting as a service in which, “QuickBooks software and data files are stored, accessed, and run on a service provider’s servers, rather than on one’s own PC. End users connect via the Internet to the service provider systems to access and run their QuickBooks software and data files.” For the most part, what this means is that all you need to be able to access your hosted version of QuickBooks is be connected to the internet. As long as you can get online, you can work with your apps and data. The hosting provider takes care of the rest.

To answer the question of “How does someone move their QuickBooks software to the cloud?”…they don’t. A business or professional supplies the hosting provider with valid licenses for the software they are using. Then the hosting provider deploys that software on a cloud-based platform and registers the license with Intuit. i.e. – authorized hosting providers already have the software, but they still need to properly report licenses.

Once your version of QuickBooks is hosted, the only thing a person using a hosting service needs to do is upload their data file. This can be done in a variety of ways, with the ease of the process depending on the amount of data that is being uploaded. If you have a new or existing QuickBooks data file with a minimal amount of data (around 5MB), the upload process can be as easy as cutting and pasting which is almost instant. But, if your data file includes many years worth of data and has grown to a larger size (like 150MB), then the importing and uploading process may take a bit longer. Be sure to ask the hosting provider you are considering what file uploading options they have available and how long it will take to upload a file that is as big as the one you are looking to move to the cloud.

The basic act of moving QuickBooks to the cloud is made to be easy. And since it is done in an efficient manner by the service provider, it is not only affordable, it is also less risky. These providers recommended by Intuit have undergone a vetting process and offer professional QuickBooks hosting services out of secure datacenters so you can access your QuickBooks online. As long as they are authorized, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best service possible.



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Why You Should Care Where Your Data is Stored

Accountants looking for QuickBooks or Sage 50 hosting in Canada are presented with a wide variety of options. There are plenty of hosting providers authorized by the software companies that claim to host for all of North America including the U.S. and Canada. However, it is important for Canadians to determine where exactly the data centres are located when choosing a service provider for their cloud hosting needs.

There are certain qualifications necessary of data centres located in Canada that do not carry over to our neighbors down South. Canadian data centres therefore are forced to adhere to the rules and regulations of Canada and thus allow your data to be more secure while giving you and your clients peace of mind. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act is a uniquely Canadian law relating to data privacy. It manages the method of which the private sector stores and organizes personal and private data. Companies in Canada that collect and store personal information such as accounting and banking info must follow the PIPEDA, and therefore it is important to make sure your potential hosting provider has a Canadian data centre.

On top of these legal ramifications, it is important to figure bandwidth and data transfer speeds into the equation as well. Naturally, any servers located on the northern side of the border are going to have less relays and distance between them and their clients, thus reducing any potential lag time. Even if this factor may not be as important, it’s good to consider providing you and your clients with the fastest possible connection to avoid any difficulties when working in the cloud.

These types of considerations are important to make. Often times, hosting providers will say they host for Canada but not specify where their servers and/or data centres are located. If that information is not located on their website, be sure and ask any sales reps you may speak to in order to determine whether or not the providers offer specific servers for Canadian customers.

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2013 Canadian Bookkeeping Conference

Join InsynQ and other event sponsors at the second annual IPBC Conference.

Building off the momentum from last year’s event, the 2013 IPBC Canadian Bookkeeping Conference is jam packed with even more speakers, training sessions, demonstrations, networking and more. With popular industry professionals leading educational tracks, and vendors displaying some of the latest technology, this event is sure to be the biggest event of its kind in Canada.

Click here to learn more about the IPBC Conference for financial professionals in Canada.

IPBC Conference Info

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Application Hosting Is An Online Solution For Accounting

Using application hosting services, you no longer need to have a file server in your office and you don’t have to install accounting applications on all your workstations. For many businesses, the cloud computing can eliminate the worry and expense of building and maintaining a business network.

Your applications and data are hosted in the cloud by a provider and delivered to you via a virtual desktops that you access over the internet. Now, you can access your hosted network, desktop, applications, and data at any time, from anywhere! Your business LAN becomes a high-powered WAN, providing service to all users regardless of their location.

How QuickBooks Hosting Works

Image shows steps involved with QuickBooks hosting.

For a low monthly subscription fee, bookkeepers and accountants can have access to their managed desktop and applications from anywhere…since they’re always available in the cloud. You can login to the system while at a client’s office, from home, or anywhere you have internet access.

Start with service for yourself, then bring your clients online and get them working in the cloud right along with you. This enables you to work with write-up and offline clients when it is convenient for you. The hosted application model puts your applications and data online – without limitation to how many client data files you can access on the system.

Once you bring your clients online, they can access their accounting software and data from anywhere. For many small business owners, the benefits of having managed, protected financial data accessible from anywhere is very liberating and allows them the flexibility of working from the office, home or even while traveling.

If the client business has multiple locations, you can provide them with a service that allows all their offices to be working on the same set of books in real time. Once you start bringing clients onto the system, bring up your other staff members so they can also work on the client books also. Everyone is working on the same system, the same platform, the same applications, and all in real time.

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Intuit’s ProFile Tax Software Now Integrates With Office Tools Professional Practice Management Software

By John Iarussi, Tech Manager – Office Tools Professional
Office Tools Professional and Profile’s integration is a breakthrough in the accounting industry. Two companies, with two pieces of software, with one common goal: to make your life easier. Office Tools Professional is the first practice management software to fully integrate with tax software made by another company.

The synergy and integration that can be created between applications represents the pivotal next step in firm efficiency. So often over the years, firms have been left with a multitude of disconnected applications, each performing an isolated function with the overall workflow. In addition, firm’s needed another set of applications to manage the practice. With the technology available today, software vendors are beginning to see the value in linking arms and creating less encumbered offerings through thought out integrations. If done well, with a seamless look and feel, firms will be able to leverage themselves to a new level of success when taking advantage of such offerings. By streamlining their work, life is made easier.

Another benefit of the Office Tools Professional software is its use of the latest Microsoft technology, which allows seamless installation on internal and hosted Windows servers. Providing another option, by utilizing some of the latest technology; Cloud Computing. As firms begin to evaluate where they want their office programs and data to reside they will be provided with a high level solution that promotes choice.

The newly announced integration between Office Tools Professional and Intuit Profile takes a leap forward in helping accountants and tax professionals share contact information, track time, create projects, send and store documents and invoices across both programs seamlessly. Profile allowed Office Tools Professional to build these processes directly into the Profile tax software which enables users of both programs to take their efficiency to another level. Integration is not a new trend in this industry, it is quickly becoming a standard, but the level at which software’s “integrate” has always been minimal. Syncing contact data is the norm, occasionally document management systems will allow you do very specific things, but none have ever been so all encompassing as to allow the entire office ecosystem (Office Tools Professional) to interact completely with the tax software (Profile). Until now this was only available to people willing to go with a large “suited in” company of products, which wasn’t always done well and defeats the point of allowing firms choice. 

While using the Profile integration you have the ability to create a project within Office Tools Professional based on the tax form the accountant is filing, in doing so the user can attach the related source documents and a profile link to the project for easy accessibility from within Office Tools Professional. From there you are able to track time against the project within Profile and auto update the tax payers contact information. When work is completed you can send the final returns in PDF format, to Office Tools Professional’s document management and Client Portal system, which also associates it to the client’s project. As the process moves on and you are ready to bill, the integration allows invoicing to be forwarded directly into Office Tools Professional’s billing section, or you can bypass this and bill from within alternate software as well. The choice is yours.

After all is said and done this 
isn’t just huge for Office Tools Professional customers and Profile customers alike, it is actually a giant leap forward for the entire industry. In a proprietary industry, allowing two programs to fully interact is a game changer. This integration benefits not only current users of these products, but it prods competitors to tear down their proprietary walls. This will hopefully begin a movement towards full office integration through multiple programs in an open source environment. This would undoubtedly allow the end user to choose the absolute best software combination for their specific needs, instead of being forced down a very narrow path lined with a multitude of separate programs. I vote for choice!

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Save $ With This Limited Time Sage 50 Offer

As the number one choice of small businesses in Canada, Simply Accounting has successfully made the branding jump to Sage 50. Although Sage software is quickly increasing in popularity in the US, it has already taken hold of the Canadian accounting software market.

With over 12,000 members in the Sage Accountants Network, businesses and professionals can easily find the tutorials, training and assistance they need to use Sage software for anything from a sole proprietorship to a larger enterprise with multiple locations.

Right now, Sage has a limited time offer for people looking to make the upgrade from Simple Accounting to a 2013 Sage 50 (Premium or Pro version). Save up to $70 on your software purchase and also receive a $25 Visa Gift Card. Offer expires April 26, 2013…so be sure to check this offer out ASAP.

Click here to learn more and make your purchase.
(Great refund policy. If you’re not fully satisfied, return Sage 50 within 60 days of purchase for full refund)

If you’re looking to upgrade a hosted version of Simply Accounting on your InsynQ virtual desktop, call (866) 206-1781. To learn more about hosting your Sage 50 or moving it to the cloud with InsynQ, visit

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Growing In The Cloud With The Right Hosting Provider

Working in the cloud with applications and data provides obvious benefits for businesses with multiple locations or geographically separated employees. Keep in mind though, that app portals, SaaS or virtual desktops are simply platforms that allow you to utilize software. Having a way to access your apps over the internet is great, but working in the cloud is only as good as the software you are using and the provider that is hosting it for you.

Most application hosting providers offer multiple versions of name brand software. As long as they are authorized to do so, hosting apps from Microsoft, Sage or Intuit is not a problem. But what if your an accountant that wants to provide financial projections, or a business owner that wants to monitor expenses or track inventory? Basically, there are a lot of valuable tools out there that integrate with name brand software to make your job easier and even give you the ability to provide new and additional services. Be sure to find out if your current or future hosting provider can move the software you want and need to the cloud

Asking the right questions is key to choosing a provider that fits your needs. Finding an online solution that is right for you and your business is one thing, but considering if you have the ability to change and grow along with market demands is another. Even if you don’t need to import or export data out of your hosted accounting software today, for example, perhaps you will down the road. Make sure you know if your provider is capable of delivering what you need when the time comes. Consider the following questions when making the move to the cloud…

  • Can additional software be added to my hosted services (can it be customized)?
  • Will my hosted applications work with other online software?
  • Do I have the ability to use different versions of software on one virtual platform?
  • Can I bring on additional users with different software?

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Sage 50 Cloud Hosting

The ability to host Sage 50 in the cloud is giving businesses, accountants and other financial professionals a new found freedom with anywhere, anytime access to the latest Sage software. The popular Peachtree and Simply Accounting applications may have changed their name, but they still offer small and medium sized businesses a variety of products. Whether your starting with Sage 50 Complete or need the advanced features of Sage 50 Quantum, you can reduce costs and increase productivity by moving apps to a hosted platform.

Moving to the cloud not only gives you 24X7 access to your software and data, it also keep it safer and more secure than it would be if stored in-house or on one computer. If a laptop was stolen, or a business location were to catch on fire, critical business data and files would most likely be lost. But with applications and data safely stored in the cloud, a business or employee can simply log on and access everything they need from a different computer. As long as you can connect to the internet, you can continue working.

It is also generally more cost effective to have applications hosted since you are taking advantage of what is often referred to as a “utility resource”. Hosting Sage 50 in-house requires installation, updates/upgrades and maintenance which can be costly up-front, and then continue to cost you money throughout the usefully lifetime of your software. But when you move your Sage 50 software to the cloud with a hosting provider, they handle everything required to run your software on a virtual desktop. All that you need to do is supply a license, and your work is done. Your hosted version of Sage 50 will also work with other important business applications like Sage ACT!, Microsoft Office, tax applications and more.

Reduce the burden of hardware and software management with a Sage 50 cloud solution today. Learn more about how you can give yourself the freedom to work online by having your Sage 50 hosted at


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